In his debut book, The BIG: A New Deal for Digital Natives, Nadav Zeimer discusses how technology and a digital economy will change the world of education and the workforce. A current high school educator and a former software engineer, Nadav has a better understanding of the inner workings of education and technology than most, and his book is the product of that knowledge.

The BIG discusses why we need a transition in thinking to discover new opportunities for democracy, privacy, waste reduction, and accountability. Nadav Zeimer explores complicated topics while examining their importance. Zeimer is especially interested in how digitization would impact education. For example, a digital credits system would standardize educational offerings. To illustrate this, Zeimer explains how a decentralized record of high school transcripts would incentivize high schools to “coach students to take control of the economy from the digital grassroots.”

A public high school education is no longer an accurate preparation for the real world. In The Big, Zeimer navigates these changes and why it is so crucial to make them now to prepare the generation of children who are growing up in an entirely digital world.

In a future that seems increasingly hopeless, Nadav Zeimer’s book offers a fresh, and optimistic perspective of how technology can transform things for the better.

Expected publication: September, 2019.