In his debut book, Education in a Digital Age: How We Get There, Nadav Zeimer introduces #DigitalNativeAcademicCredits which are built into the upcoming digital cash wars and poised to change the incentives driving education policy.

The technology for a global digital cash system is just about to emerge. This will be the transfer of financial information akin to what the Internet did for other forms of information. Facebook wants to win with Libra, but many more will compete. This manifesto offers a surprising perspective on how this might play out.

A current high school educator and a former software engineer, Nadav has a better understanding of the inner workings of education and technology than most, and his book is the product of that knowledge.

In a future that seems increasingly hopeless, Nadav Zeimer’s book offers a fresh, and optimistic perspective of how open source and decentralized technology can transform things for the better.

Expected publication: Early 2020